Theme Integration

You can include WPCOVID-19 Plugin in your awesome theme and make your customers even happier and increase your sales.

Licensing terms

  1. You have to purchase the Generosity package license for each theme that includes WPCOVID-19, or you can purchase the Nobleness package that allows you to include the plugin in unlimited themes.
  2. You cannot redistribute the plugin “as-is” even if you modify it, or create a derivative version for another platform.
  3. You cannot promise official WPCOVID-19 support for the integrated version of the WPCOVID-19 plugin.
  4. You cannot promise direct updates from WPCOVID-19 for the integrated version of the WPCOVID-19 plugin.
  5. You cannot rename or hide WPCOVID-19 or TieLabs brand name in any way.
  6. You cannot share your license key with your customers.
  7. You cannot forbid customers to purchase a standalone license of WPCOVID-19 Plugin.
  8. You can’t include the plugin separately from your theme in the download package,instead you have to use TGM Plugin Activation class.
  9. Updating the plugin is your responsibility.
  10. You need to handle any WPCOVID-19 related support requests for your customers.

How to disable the built-in auto-update and licensing sections

Just add the following line at end of the functions.php file of your theme.

add_filter( 'wpcovid19/updater/disable', '__return_true' );

For any support inquires, please navigate to your profile and submit a request from the Support tab.