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Widgets/Shortcodes Demos


Table of Countries

Display Today’s or Yesterday’s stats in clean or compact styles of all fields: Total cases, New cases, Total deaths, New deaths, Recovered cases, Active cases, Critical cases, Cases/1M pop, Deaths/1M pop, Total tests, Tests/1M pop.

Clean Stats Widgets

  • World's stats or a specific country selection.
  • Control the fields you wants to display.
  • Clean and minimal light and dark skins.
  • Different ready-to-use styles, no code needed.

Cases Breakdown by Different Types of Charts

  • Vertical and Horizontal Bars.
  • Pie Chart.
  • Doughunut Chart.
  • Polar Area Chart.

Death Rate

Display the death rate per 1,000 infections in different chart types.

  • World's stats or a specific country selection.
  • Control the chart title position.
  • Clean and minimal light and dark skins.​

Real Map

Display full map of the world with control on its height and zoom ratio and show the important fields in each country.

One Country Graph

Display fields’ history stats of a specific country.

  • Confirmed Cases.
  • Total Deaths.
  • Recovered Cases.

Multiple Countries History Graphs

Display historical data of top countries or select specific countries to compare between them.